Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Comeback

Henry and I are excited to be bring you the Sasquatch Experience back on a regular basis starting this month. As many of you know, the SE was one of the original Sasquatch/ Bigfoot talk radio programs. Over the years we have had some breaks, hosts have changed, but the mission has stayed the same. 

We are not reinventing the wheel here, just recreating what we used to have. The Original hosts, Sean Forker and Henry May are back and ready to discuss America's favorite monster, Bigfoot. What we want is to bring you A QUALITY SHOW. Great guests, great discussions, and excellent interaction with the listeners. After all, that's what the show is about...You!

Stay tuned for more information! Email questions, comments, or suggestions to

Thank You,
Sean 'The Forkchop" Forker
Host, The Sasquatch Experience